Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

Mesut Oezil

Do you know Mesut Oezil, guys? OMG! you don't know him?? oke-oke i wnna tell you a little about Mesut Oezil biograpy.
Egghem .... first, his full name is Mesut Oezil. you can call him, Oezil. he was born in Glsenkirchen, south Germany (i wanna study in Germany :D) on 15-10-1988 (21 tahun).
He is football player in 'Werder Bremen' (his contract is running out). He also Germany national team players . I knew him when he played in "world cup 2010". I'm interested in him, because he is cute, a good football player, he was young, and if you look in his face he wasn't handsome, but there was something different in his face, AND!apparently, he is a devout Muslim. WOOW! I more interested in him.

Many time to found news about him, many news were good until i found one news which made my heart was broken! so hurt(lebay). I know that he had a child and of crouse he also had a wife!!! OH MY GOD! i felt  i don't have wish. 
i think he's stiil alone,whereas i be able college to Germany and i can meet him (but, it's all just dream, and i have burried my!)
Although, i can't be his girlfriend (wakakaka! wake up, sleep on!), but i'm still want to go to Germany and study there, maybe i can meet him in one game when i watch :)))

"Calm Oezil, i'm still going to fan you": *
i'm sorry my grammar is bad!

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