Sabtu, 17 April 2010

Dieses Leben

terkadang kalian mikir gak, kalau hidup itu terlalu banyak aturan? actually, the rules are important but, too many rules are boring. agree?
such as, we must study harder we must always pray. i like them. but, i don't like if others intefere too.
sometimes my mother say, "jangan main terus, belajar dong kan dah mau ujian!" yes, i know that. we just need a little of refresing. you agree?
i hope my parents understand a little the meaning of freedom!
I speak so it does not mean I do not need you, but I want a little color in my life.but I'm also glad I could be like now. * So what? : D

Minggu, 11 April 2010

i'm aware

before,i don't liked read a book,and i don't liked listen the south music but, now, i like all of them. where my wrong? someone certainly want to try new colour in his life. so, i think i'm right.

HPL (harus pilih)!

kalau kamu suruh pilih, kamu mau pilih yang mana?
a. menunggu
b. menyerah
c. menghayal
hayo mau pilih yang mana? bingung nih...