Kamis, 16 September 2010

This is my "BROTHER" :D

Do you know if i have a brother? oh, actually his face doesn't look like my face but if i looked in the mirror in my room, i always say, "waaaaw, i look like my brother really same :)"
you can believe it, if your thoughts with me ;D

look! my brother so cute, right??? hahaha
love you, bro!

hey-hey he tried to be a keeper.
are you agree??? ;b

wooy! don't disturb my brother,
he just stole the ball!! hush...hush... c:

waaaw brother, your style...
i like it, so like it :*

wahahaha, were you sleepy bro?
or actually your eyes like that? :B 

oke, next time i'll give more my brother's photos

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